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Taking a vacation at the Castillo Inspiración is an experience of a lifetime!


Become for one or more nights the queen or the king of the Castillo Inspiracíon and sleep in one of our rooms in the castle.

A personalized and warm welcome awaits you in a timeless universe.  

The private rooms have queen or king size beds according to your wishes.

Become king or queen


Come discover the diversity of the fauna and a flora of Bocas del Toro


The construction of Castillo Inspiración was started by Plastic King Robert and friends, in July 2016 and completed in June 2018. It has four levels measuring 14 meters high (45 ft) and contains 40,000 PET bottles. 

"The four-storey, 14-m-high (45-ft 11-in) castle constructed in 2017 by “The Plastic King” Robert Bezeau (Canada) in Bocas Del Toro, Panama, is fabricated from 40,000 plastic bottles. The castle is part of an ecological Plastic Bottle Village(...) read more

1978: Coca-Cola and Pepsi, introduced the first 2l PET plastic bottles to the World.

We all thought back then that was fantastic, and the greatest invention. You could drop the bottles, re-open them many times, perfect for pick-nick box, etc.

What we did not think about was that the bottlers were going from a returnable glass bottle with consignment, to a non-returnable plastic bottle without consignment.

The bottlers transferred their responsibilities to recycle to us humans of the World. They did not need to pick-up the empties any more, and bring them back to the factory. One way only, WOW what a reduction in cost, and more profits.

Guessing that humans would not recycle 100% of the plastic bottles, we should have stud up and told them, “YOU want to go from glass to plastic?” OK, but you keep the consignment and you take the bottles back, and YOU keep the responsibility to recycle all of them.


We were told that the PET plastic bottles were recyclable, but we were not told that they could only be recycled into textile fibers and re-used in making polyester clothes. We were not told that every time we would wash our polyester clothes that Billions of fibers would be sent into our oceans, creating micro plastic that fish would eat, and we would eat the fish.

Our biggest mankind mistake, was to allow single use plastic bottles, without an obligatory return deposit. (No value = no incentive to be picked-up) 


We can live with the crime we committed, or give ourselves up to the positive feeling of erasing some of our carbon footprints. Once you experience the fun and education of sleeping in a mock jail cell made of 10,000 PET bottles, you will be so inspired that you will want to start fresh again but this time working with and not against our planet. The environment is filled with paintings, posters, and videos containing real messages that will change your perspective on what products and packaging you choose to support in your daily lives.

The cost for this repent vacation is $60/day , for a private room with one double beds, desk, private bathrooms, kitchen and lounge areas. Guests will enjoy all access to the amazing Castillo Inspiración, large private pool, restaurant and bar.

Every inspired guest will get a certificate celebrating that you have repented, and that from now on you will think about helping Mother Earth and changing your old consumption habits.



Design and pleasant beds in the modern medieval style in the heart of the jungle

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