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The top 7 Extreme Sports to accelerate your Bocas adventure

The Best 7 Extreme Adventures in Bocas del Toro


The 50’ Rocket slide/pool bar at The Dungeon hostel and adventure Park is a must do. This is an extreme thrill for guests of the hostel or private parties.


Exploring the exclusive beach and jungle trails via The Flying Pirates quads, day rentals is a fast and furious way to explore the rugged and natural parts of the island. Take a break at the picturesque Bluff Beach and take a swim in the crystal blue waters. Be careful as when the waves are up, this professional surfing beach can have extremely strong rip currents and huge waves that break right on the beach. Lay back with a cocktail on the golden sand beach and enjoy the sunny days!


Surfing uncrowded Caribbean waves in 78-degree water is the Bocas way. From Pro-level 20’ Silverbacks’ outer reef to La Punta on Isla Carenero, passing by peaky reef action at playa Paunch, or beginner waves at Black Rock or Bibi´s. Whatever level you are, Bocas has your surf adventure covered. Rental boards can be found in town at Mono Loco Surf School and rentals. There are a couple of surf shops in town as well where you can purchase wax, extra leashes, rash guards, sunscreen or nice gear to make you look like a surf star. 


The Zipline adventure at Red Frog Beach Resort is a blast for couples and families. Fly through the canopy of ancient jungle trees and take videos and photos of yourself hanging like a howler monkey in the trees.


Underboard Water Tours is a unique extreme adventure tour company for those who like to push themselves to the underwater limits. You are pulled at low speed by a boat while holding on to a fiberglass contoured water board that when angled down descends the individual under the sea to depths of around 10’ . It feels like you’re literally flying in and out of the ocean like a dolphin. Serious fun times! 


Exploring the Nivida Bat Cave with Rutilio Milton is one of the most adventurous and unique tours on offer in Bocas. The cave is located deep in the jungle of Isla Bastimentos in an area inhabited by the Ngobe Indigenous people. Legend has it that the cave has been known for many years but none of the locals dared to enter the cave out of fear of what was inside. 20+ years ago a team of Dutch conservationists first stepped foot into the cave to explore its’ inner chambers. Rutilio was the first local person to brave the cave and has been leading eco-tours there ever since. 


Diving adventures in Bocas. The most popular and frequented dive spots in all of Bocas are located directly in front of the Overwater Bungalows. There are two shipwrecks, a deep-water wall and several reefs that are visited daily by the many divers of Bocas. Snorkeling in this area is also a great option as well as snorkeling at hospital point, a favorite activity for visitors of Isla Solarte. The best way to Dive the Shipwrecks in Bocas del Toro is through one of the many dive shops around the islands! We recommend La Buga, Panama Dive School and Bocas Dive Center. 


Our reception is open from 8 am to 10 pm to advise you on your tours or all the activities offered by the hostel & resort Castillo Inspiración

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