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The Best 7 Natural Adventures in Bocas del Toro


Visit the sister islands and natural reserves of Isla Zapatilla for a Castaway style Island walk. White sand beaches offer laid back moments to enjoy the sun, fall asleep under a shady mangrove tree and enjoy a cold local beer. Also, great amateur snorkeling right off the beach. 


For a gentle nature tour, you can peacefully watch the mother turtles lay their eggs on Bluff beach’s golden sand. Nesting starts March-Sep. and hatching starts from May-November. Please be respectful and never touch or bother the eggs or the turtles. 


Take a bird watching boat tour of Bird Island. The small rock island is in the open ocean just a few minutes from the Boca del Drago side of Isla Colon. There is only a small part of the Island that you can walk on and the main attraction is viewing the tropical birds that nest here. Bird Island is the only place in Panama where the Red-Billed Tropic Bird is known to nest! 


The best way to explore Bocas Town and the rest of Isla Colon is how the locals do it… by bicycle! Bocas Town is full of bike rental shops where you can get a nice set of wheels for around $2-$5 an hour. You can ride the bikes all the way to Bluff Beach or to Starfish beach, each one takes about an hour to get to. There are plenty of beautiful viewpoints along the way so taking it slow and easy is recommended! 


If you feel like seeing the archipelago from the deck of a sailboat, the Jager Knights offers all sorts of sailing experiences departing from Bocas Town on Isla Colon. They’ve got a Catamaran for day cruises, sunset cruises, panga boats for tours and surf guiding, and even sailing lessons! With experienced, high-quality equipment and great ratings, this is the boat you don’t want to miss. 


Another (more natural) way to explore the jungles past Bluff Beach is by horseback! Bluff Beach Retreat does horseback riding tours run by local guides that take you along some of the same trails as Flying Pirates but in a more relaxed and environmentally friendly way! Tours leave at 10 am and 1 pm. Cost is $50. PP 


Up in the Hill is a popular Isla Bastimentos landmark and one of the best off-the-beaten-path locations in Bocas. They are located on the highest point of the island about 15 minutes up the trail that leads out of Old Bank from the main park. Their specialty is their cacao and permaculture farm tour. It is highly rated, very delicious, and you will not only see wildlife such as strawberry poison dart frogs, but you’ll also learn a lot about permaculture, cacao, and living in the rainforest. 


Last but not least, when staying at the Dungeon Hostel, don’t miss the chance to feed by hand the family of Caimans (small alligators) that call the village their home. Mama Coca, Daddy Coco and their new addition, baby Coconut love food scraps from the Hostel restaurant. A great way to connect to real nature in action! 

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